The Benefits Of Well Being In The Workplace

We have all seen the evolution of the working environment over the years from small cubicles to the open plan industrial look, but the one thing that has never changed is the effect that the workplace can have on the physical & mental health of employees.

An employee of an SME or even a single entrepreneur's productivity can be increased by a well designed workspace and is an essential factor that employers and businesses should take into consideration. As many businesses and startups rarely stick to the "9-5" routine, creating a calm and comfortable working environment for yourself & employees is the best way to help produce their best work.

The Key Elements Of A Healthy Workplace


Each office within The Engine House has access to climate control via our air handling unit to constantly create a fresh working environment.


As hydration is key, we have fitted each floor with a gallery with access to chilled filtered water.


Our café promotes healthier eating with organic fruit and veg on offer as well as fair-trade coffee.


Gym equipment & Well being space at The Engine House will be open in the new year with weekly palates classes.

Employee Wellness

The Engine House have been awarded £8000 from the national Lottery well-being fund to create a well being space that will offer Yoga & Pilates classes & potentially a fully equipped gym in 2020. With employers in the UK losing between £22bn & £42bn each year due to the lack of work place wellbeing so finding the right environment for you and your staff is now a fundamental part of a growing business.

The Engine House are able to offer an array of opportunities for all members that will inspire creativity & productivity, with regular events about mental health, the importance posture and motivational talks.

The Engine House will be teaming up with organisations like Mind to further support workplace wellbeing.