How we have updated our spaces amid Covid-19


As we start to look at what the future of the workplace may be, we understand the importance of keeping our members safe, so we will be implementing social distancing in and around The Engine House as part of the new normal. Still, we in no way want to take a step back from collaborating, joint creativity and human contact that we previously had at HQ.

For your safety The Engine House team have implemented one way systems in corridors, a new cleaning regime to focus on touch-points and installing several new sanitiser stations around the building to ensure you have some peace of mind while you're at work.

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Increased Cleaning

For some peace of mind, we are happy to confirm that the building will undergo a regular deep clean of all common/public areas.

Sanitiser Stations

The building will have several hand sanitiser stations installed around work spaces including our co-working areas.  

Signage and One Way

Our corridors have adopted a one way policy to reduce foot fall as well as one person per lift and up/down only staircases.


Over the last year our team has been working on creating more of a community within The Engine House, of course new social distancing measures will impact on our team's work but we hope that adopting new ways of working (virtually) will enable us to offer as much of a service as you had previously.

We are not looking to create a false sense of normality but to remind everyone that we are in this together and a community effort will play a key role in making this transition as stress free as possible and that our team is always here to help if needed.

When you become a member of The Engine House you don't just get an office, you become a part of the family and the place is not the same without you all, but the one ask we have from the team is that you do everything you can to abide by the new guidelines and share them with anyone that works with you in the building. Also, remember to say hello to a member of the team when you next pop in (2 metres away of course)

Helping to maintain your personal space

Common Areas

To help maintain social distancing we have reduced the capacity within the seating areas, the seating that is available will conform to 2m social distancing guidlines.

Shared Kitchens

Kitchen areas are limited to 2 persons only, microwaves, kettles and high risk items have been temporarily removed until further notice.


To create space in the WC's the red markers indicate sinks & toilets that will currently be out of use to help create more personal space for members.

Enquiries & Viewings

The Engine House team are still able to offer viewings of office space and co-working spaces, if you would like to take a virtual tour of a potential office space then please get in contact for us to arrange a time with you.

Our team will also be able to answer any questions you may have about COVID Secure or measures that are being taken.

We look forward to hearing from you :)

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