London & Bexley Product Development

The Engine House Bexley is a dedicated group of expert graphic designers and CAD technicians who work in partnership with our specialist in-house business development team. Our combined skills and expertise can cater to businesses across a range of industries, from niche to the mainstream. Watch as our team takes your concept idea and turns it into a reality with the use of CAD design and the latest innovations in 3D printing. Using their proven experience, our business development team will support you as you explore options for branding, investment, promotion and mass production for maximum impact.


Our team will support you from the very first steps of your prototyping journey. From a simple sketch, our team will meticulously work on perfecting the drawings. Working alongside you, we’ll suggest ideas and revisions to help optimise your design before we take it to the next stage of 3D modelling.

Rapid Prototype

Working closely with Formlabs we can print your component in a matter of hours using our Stereolithography 3D printing facility. With rapid prototyping, you can get a look and feel for your final design and inspect the integrity of the part before committing to mass production.

Ready For Production

Taking every stage of your design into consideration, The Engine House can offer continuous small batch production runs of your design or alternatively use research, design and integrity testing to find the most effective manufacturing method for full-scale production.

Rapid Prototyping & Product Development.

The Advantages Of Rapid Prototyping

01: Indirect costs: conventional methods like vacuum forming & injection molding typically incur unwanted tooling or variable fee, which you will have to pay each time if alterations are needed.

02: Can you put a price on your time: Using a manufacturer abroad can sometimes take weeks or even months to design, produce and deliver components leaving you less time for an ROI.

03: No minimum quantity order: it is no secret that buying 10,000 units is cheaper than 10 in the long run, but as the price goes down the risk goes up

Launching your own project can be hard if funding or investors are not an option! The Engine House team can kickstart your new idea or startup.

Develop Your Business With Us

For those of you that simply require your designs to be printed in SLA & SLS we are happy to help, but for those who need a little more help getting a new idea up and running from a simple sketch, our team will help guide you on your creative journey.

Teaching you the fundamentals to help your business to come to fruition, as we all know that an idea is only as good as the execution! With the use of CAD design and 3D rendering to make it easier to translate your idea to potential clients or investors we also offering business development support in house to help with branding, e-commerce and possible marketing strategies.

Get In Touch

If you have an idea that is still in it's early stages of development then get in touch with a member of the team at The Engine House, our 3 phase plans can get you to prototyping stage or help with setting you up all the essential elements from branding to selling online.

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