April 22, 2020 2 min read

Fixed Co-Working Vs Hot Desking

What’s the difference? 

The terms ‘hot-desking’ and ‘co-working’ are often used interchangeably but in fact can mean very different things in terms of the style of working and what is included. So here is a very quick run-down on the key differences between these two options at The Engine House to help you choose the best one for you and your business.

Fixed Co-Working

What is it? You will be allocated a fixed desk space in a communal working environment with other individuals or businesses. That fixed space is yours and will not be used by anyone else.
What does it include? You will have your own designated desk with under-desk computer tower cradle, 3 power supply points, 2 data points with 100MB broadband in a spacious self-contained hub within the building. We’re also super-proud of our custom-made K desks which have been built especially for us by Unto This Last. We also supply you with an Ergonomic chair and you have access to the rest of our facilities.
Who is it best suited to? Small to medium businesses that want to house some or all of their team in a more flexible workspace but with fixed desk spaces together so your team can still work closely. Fixed desk co-working is also a good option for freelancers such as graphic designers or developers (or anyone who doesn’t just work from a laptop) and would prefer a designated workspace.



What is it? It is a scaled back working environment for those on the go. With hot-desking you don’t have a designated desk but can pop into The Atrium whenever you wish, set up your laptop and make use of the facilities.
What does it include? Membership includes use of the hot-desking spaces, WIFI, access to meeting pods and other facilities.
Who is it best suited to? Hot-desking is a great option for those who need a casual base or somewhere to meet clients. It’s also a good alternative for those based at home who would like the option to work alongside other like-minded individuals or in a space free of distractions.