May 04, 2020 2 min read

Supporting Small Businesses

Small businesses are facing huge disruptions due to COVID-19 and while some of them have been able to adapt how they operate to survive, others are really struggling and for them it could mean they won’t come out of this crisis on the other side.
At a time like this we all want to do whatever we can to help support others so we’ve put together five easy ways we can all help small businesses during this extremely difficult time.


  • Shop Small and Local

Now is the time to do some research and see what's available on your doorstep. Lot's of businesses such as greengrocers and butchers have adapted to offering home deliveries and some businesses have even completely changed to offer different products and services that are in demand. 
It’s also worth checking in with your favourite restaurants and coffee shops to see if they are offering home delivery – some coffee shops have even started delivering an afternoon tea!

  • Buy Gift Vouchers

Some businesses won't be able to operate at the moment but we can still support them. Sites such as Local Support Vouchers enable you to buy vouchers to redeem once the business re-opens. If the business you want to support isn’t currently listed on there you can nominate them.
Shout About Them On Social Media
It's a small (and free) action but can make a big difference for a business. If you buy something, take a photo and share it or like their Tweets and Posts. Even if you don't have a need to buy from them currently, by sharing their Posts you could get them in front of someone who will.
Leaving a positive review on Google or FaceBook also really helps to give a small business a boost - both to their finances and morale during this very difficult time.

  • Join An Online Class

Whether you took part in classes before lock-down or not, for the time being why not consider taking part in an online class. Not only are you supporting a small business, it’s important for our physical and mental health to stay active while we are at home. Lots of businesses are offering reduced rates for online classes which gives you an opportunity to try something different and you may even discover a new hobby you want to continue with in the future.

  • Stick With Them

Lock down will come to an end and we will return to some version of normal. Rather than switching back to shopping at larger stores it would be brilliant if we stuck with the small local businesses that have helped supply us with what we need during this crisis.