April 11, 2022 2 min read

Small businesses and the creative industry have been hit hard during the recent pandemic and The Engine House wants to do something about it.

2020/21 was a hard time for many entrepreneurs and start-ups, many not making it through the storm and the ones that did having to frequently adjust for every “lockdown working” cliché that was funny for about 3 weeks such as the endless Zoom calls, dogs interrupting zoom calls and telling someone they’re on mute for the 36th time this week.    


“You’re on mute, Brian” – literally every Zoom call attendee


The Engine House have always been about our local business community and could not be more grateful to be able to work with such inspirational entrepreneurs and businesses that call The Engine House their home.

In 2022 we want to give back to this business community that gives purpose to what we do by offering up to £25,000 worth of co-working space to businesses and individuals that need it the most.



A successful applicant will be eligible to receive up to 6 month co-working and finally have a place for them or their team of 4 to work and focus on their business alongside other likeminded co-workers and creative businesses.



The pandemic for us opened our eyes to new possibilities, working alongside organisations such as Peabody’s Thamesmead forum & London Borough of Bexley and meeting some amazing local business.

This led to the creation of our beautifully designed co working spaces and Bexley’s co working hidden gem.

We set out on our mission to offer everything start ups and creative businesses may need to come to fruition.

Now The Engine House is far from just a desk and a chair, we are they place for advice and business support, we are the place to learn new software such as AutoCAD and Photoshop, we are the place to go for 3D printing and laser cutting and we really are the place to #ConnectCreateCollaborate


We can’t wait to read through all your applications starting from 11/04/2022

We also have some useful links to help with the application for marketing and business planning.